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A few of the faces have changed but the group has vigilantly preserved their unmistakable style. If you first heard The Monarchs in the '60s, or if you hear them 20 years from now, you'll hear the smooth vocal and instrumental sounds that made them what they are today, The Monarchs, Louisville's Musical Ambassadors. But it is a wise group of musicians who also realize that a savvy audience will move on unless you continue leaving them wanting more.

Fans still want to hear their favorite songs, but as technology improved they want to hear them as pristine as they sounded the first time. The Monarchs have repackaged those original songs and made them available on CD and DVD. These recordings not only take you on a walk down memory lane, but they do it with the same incredible vocal prowess you have come to love with this group. New fans and new band members have also helped The Monarchs to continue stretching and performing at the top of their game. With their newest CD released in 2009 "The Monarchs Appearing Here Tonight," they prove they still have what it takes. You will find some classic cuts mixed in with original songs, but all performed as only they can.

Celebrating their "Golden Anniversary" in the music business received an incredible kick off with the release of a book written by award winning author, Billy Reed. 'The Monarchs: The Great American Rock 'n' Roll Dream' not only tells the incredible story of a band, it also includes a snapshot into the polical climate of our nation and the changing world as reflected in our music.

When those early pioneers of rock 'n' roll first danced to the beat of a different drummer, critics scoffed. "It Won't Last!" they said. Little did they know.

Somewhere is the debutante who danced with her first love to "Look Homeward Angel." She will someday be the little old lady, great-grandchild on her knee, rocking to "This Old Heart."









Co-founders Mike Gibson And Dusty Miller celebrate The Monarchs Band Mom at the Riverfront Derby Festival performance.

A "Band Mom" Tribute



Photo is from the 2009 CD
The Monarchs
Appearing Here Tonight




The Monarchs


The Monarchs Through the Years

Mike Gibson (Co-founder, retired 1980) ~ Lead Vocalist, replaced by Butch Kaufman '81, retired in 2009
Bob Lange ~ Baritone Vocalist, Deceased, September,1994
Jim Smith ~ Tenor Vocalist, replaced by Jim Wells '62, retired in 1998
Louis Lange ~ Bass Vocalist, retired in 2001
Craig Zirnheld ~ Vocals, added in 1998
David Owen ~ Vocals, added in 2009
Don Leffler ~ Lead Guitar, replaced by Ernie DonneIl '62, replaced by Bill Haswell '63, replaced by Ernie DonneIl '72 till '81
Tim Coy ~ Rhythm Guitar, added in '76, Lead Guitar '81, replaced by Tim Rake in 1999, replaced by Paul Turner in 2008
Martie Williams ~ Bass Guitar, replaced by Claude Montgomery '62
Louis "Dusty" Miller (Co-founder) ~ Rhythm Guitar '60 - '62, Bass Guitar '62 forward
Tim Hughes ~ Sax, replaced by Richard Keith '61, replaced by Nick Druga '62, replaced by Leon Middleton '62
Paul Schuler ~ Trumpet and Drums till '62
George Owen ~ Keyboards, added in '63 retired 1986 , replaced by John Zehnder '86 retired 2011.
Greg Middleton ~ Keyboards, added in 2001
Richard "Butch" Snider retired 1986 ~ Drums, replaced by David Williamson '86, replaced by Jeff Mc Allister '06

The History

'The Monarchs: The Great American Rock 'n' Roll Dream'

By Billy Reed
Butler Books
128 pp. plus bonus DVD


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